About Us

We are two friends who spend a lot of time together, particularly eating!  After lots of research and fun, we have decided to share what we know.  Have you ever wanted to go out to eat with somebody with a dietary restriction?  Yet you also wanted to enjoy your meal?  This is the site for you!  Our mission is three-fold:

  • Inform others who wish to dine with someone with different dietary needs/desires
  • Encourage more restaurants to offer vegan choices
  • Promote diversity, tolerance and acceptance

Our rules will be simple.  Each post will cover a dining experience we had together.  We will each write our own review based on our point of view, starting with a rating of one to five with one being the lowest rating and five being the highest.  We will also post pictures of what we ordered.

This is not a place for negative comments.  If you feel the need to do so, please understand we may delete them.  We want this to be a positive site where people can obtain and share ideas.

I’m Larry.  I’m an unapologetic CARNIVORE.    Don’t get me wrong, vegetables are fine but seriously, if humans weren’t supposed to eat meat, then why does it taste so good?  While I am passionate about a bloody steak or a burger with bacon, cheese and a fried egg on top, I am equally passionate about diversity and accepting others as they are.  So when Kellie and I decided to embark upon this experience, it truly was with the hope of helping others in similar situations find quality dining options.   I hope you enjoy the posts and will try the establishments that we score highly.  As for the ones that don’t score so well, you may want to give them a shot too. Chances are that you might find something that we missed. 

I have chosen the cow face emoji to score the restaurants.  I assure you that it will take a near life changing dining experience to receive 5 cow faces.  I am looking forward to posting that review!

Hi I’m Kellie! I am the “her vegan” portion of this blog.  I have been vegan since 2006 and am excited to share my knowledge with you! People often ask why I became vegan.  As my partner here puts it – I don’t like how carnivorous food is dispatched.  That said, I have very few vegan friends.  I have always been of the firm opinion that nobody should tell anybody how they should eat.  My friends have respected my wishes and I respect theirs.  This means I eat at a lot of non-vegan places.  I don’t want to miss out on being with my friends and therefore am always the one searching for new places that we can all get what we want.  I travel a ton for my job too so I look forward to reviewing restaurants all over the United States and perhaps the world but Austin is where we begin. I will be using the rutabaga emoji to represent my ratings!