Milky Way Shakes

Hello again!  We are still out and about but as usual life continues to get in the way of our posting intentions.  New job, travel, illness, blah-excuses.  Anyways, my new job kept me off a plane for a while which resulted in my catching a cold from riding one a couple weekends ago.  While I wasn’t up for a lot of activity as I recovered, my throat was interested in cold beverages.  So, the carnivore suggested we stop by the new Milky Way Shakes as he had alerted me to its exciting new opening a few weeks ago.  Now I am not an ice cream girl.  I typically only enjoy it in the hottest months of the year and even then, I don’t eat a lot.  I currently have three unfinished pints in my freezer that are at least three months old.  But last Saturday I happily agreed to visit this new trailer outside Spider House.IMG_1371

Due to the article the carnivore had texted me in early September, I already knew my order – the Oreo Borealis with vanilla ice cream.  Since it was no longer opening weekend, it only took about five minutes to get the shake.  I took a sip and was excited to taste the Oreo crunchy goodness.  The fudge to vanilla ratio was spot on and my only complaint was the mint.  While I love minty chocolaty desserts, particularly around the holidays, I was surprised at how minty this beverage was.  It had a peppermint flavor versus crème de menthe and I think if I had expected it I would have enjoyed it more.  That said I still enjoyed it immensely, my throat soothed and my sweet tooth satisfied.  What was most exciting was that I got to taste the carnivore’s shake as well since the trailer is ALL VEGAN!!!!  I actually preferred his order to my own but I will let him share that with you.  All this in mind, I give Milky Way Shakes a solid three rutabagas and might bump it up to four when I return with my health completely intact.

IMG_1370Believe it or not, there are a lot of advantages for a carnivore when dining with a vegan.  The greatest advantage is that you RARELY have to share anything off of your plate.  This fact is especially true with regard to dessert.  There’s no reason for a waitress to bring two spoons when dessert is ice cream, tiramisu, bananas foster, or my personal favorite – key lime pie. I’m sorry to say that this past Saturday lessened this particular advantage quite a bit.  Read on and you will see why.  You will also discover a newly minted gem of a vegan option in central Austin.

Kellie and I decided to try a new vegan milkshake truck located at Spider House on North Campus –Milky Way Shakes. I would like to say that my normal apprehension of most things devoid of animal goodness was lurking in the back of my mind when the vegan suggested we give it a shot, but I am familiar enough with how good coconut and almond milk ice creams are, that I was pretty amped to try their fare.  I have to say that my enthusiasm was well placed because my 100% vegan Veruca Salted Caramel shake was pretty damn amazing.  I certainly would not have known that it was vegan if no one had told me

It was on the short walk back to the car that negatively impacted the advantage of never having to share your dessert order with your vegan dining companion.  As Kellie knew that my shake was also vegan, she very boldly asked to “try a sip”  After the initial taste, she kept my shake a bit too long and continued to “try” it for several long pulls on the oversized straw.  I won’t lie, as I’m not used to sharing my dessert, I was irritated by the fact that my shake was returned back to me with quite a bit missing.  I tried to mask the disappointment on my face but I suspect the vegan knew that I was not a fan of this new development in our dining paradigm.  Next time, as I now know I will have to share, I’m ordering the large!

So, Carnivores please take note, if you have a vegan in your world, and you want to score some points for being mindful of their dietary limitations, and also enjoy a tasty dessert, make a trip to Milky Way Shakes.  Neither the vegan nor the carnivore will be disappointed. The experience earned a solid four cow faces from this carnivore.




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