Moviehouse & Eatery

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the opportunity for a night out to relax in a comfortable recliner and enjoy a pepper spiced burger and a cold draft beer while watching a Christmas themed movie was too much to pass up.  This past Saturday night found the vegan and I at the Moviehouse & Eatery at 620.  We chose the venue for the opportunity to compare and contrast our prior movie/dining experience at Alamo Drafthouse.  Our loyal readers will likely recall that dining experience to be enjoyable for the vegan, and lackluster for me (the carnivore).  I am pleased to announce that, from my perspective, the Moviehouse & Eatery experience blew the doors off of Alamo Drafthouse.  The food was better.  The setting was better.  The staff was spectacular (special shout out to our server, Brandon). And even the movie was better.  But then again, who doesn’t love a good fart joke delivered by the newly minted first lady of comedy, Kate Mckinnon?


As we always try to take pictures of the meals we critique, we arrived early enough to find our seats and receive our food prior to the movie starting.  Brandon promptly greeted us and delivered our adult beverages in record time.  He offered suggestions on the menu and recommended The Big Jake burger when I asked him what he thought I should order.  He advised me that The Big Jake wasn’t for the faint of heart, and whomever ordered the burger should be ready for a sandwich delivered with a kick via the pepper jack cheese, house bacon, red pepper relish, horseradish aioli and topped with a whole Jalapeno pepper.  Complement that with a side of “man style” fries (French fries topped with queso), and you have a meal that any self-respecting carnivore would be proud to order.   Brandon was right.  It was good.  Real good.  It only lasted a minute because I devoured it quickly and ordered another beer to quell the remnants of the jalapeno pepper.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t on fire.  But the burger was packed with flavor and extremely satisfying.    Another quality shout out to Brandon for the solid recommendation!

As our primary goal of this blog is to highlight where carnivores and vegans can enjoy a mutually satisfying dining experience, I will defer to my pretty vegan partner to share her opinion of her meal.  I will say that, while there was a vegan option on the menu, (The Sweet Potato Sandie) it was only one.  A couple additional vegan options would surely enhance the experience.  It really only seems fair when you consider that, though I very much enjoyed my burger, I plan on trying the Carnitas Street Tacos, The Shaved Ribeye or The Classic Chicken Sandwich on our next movie outing.  After all,  A vegan does not live by a Sweet Potato Sandie alone.

This carnivore scores the Moviehouse & Eatery at 620 a very respectable 3 cow faces for this most recent experience.  I’m a fan and will surely be back in the coming weeks.

Where to begin?  I tend to be the one who drives the HCHV team to completion of posts due to the fact that I am the techy one.  However, life has been happening quite a bit lately and between my knee surgery, the holidays and work I haven’t been able to keep up.  Well that and also, I just wasn’t as excited about this post.I love going to the movies.  It has always been a favorite pastime of mine and it got more interesting with the onslaught of movie theaters offering more than just snacks like Moviehouse & Eatery.  I enjoy being able to have a meal and a beverage with my movie and so we decided to do just that last weekend.  I purchased tickets ahead of time as we were seeing a new release and was able to walk right in to our seats.

Speaking of seats, these are lovely.  The seats are like the recliners you would have in your living room, adjustable for your comfort.  And you can indicate with a button when you are ready to order.  Having looked online ahead of time, I knew there were few vegan options.  That said they do actually indicate them on the menu as vegan which was promising.  I ordered the sweet potato sandie, vegan-style as indicated on the menu.  It comes with a black bean and corn side topped with avocado and sour cream if you weren’t vegan.


Initially they brought the meal and the side was not vegan.  Immediately they corrected the problem and I was ready to dig in, having eaten little that day.  Luckily I was hungry.  Unfortunately the patty was lacking in flavor, tasting much like what people think vegans eat.  Vegetables need more seasonings than meat and especially when sauce is omitted.  I added ketchup and the avocado from the side to try to help the sandwich but with little improvement.  It didn’t taste bad – it just didn’t taste like much at all.

The side looked appealing and I had hoped it would be as I love black beans and corn.  It also lacked in much spice and was cold much to my disappointment.  I ate a few bites and gave up.

I had to give Moviehouse two rutabagas due to the lack of vegan choices and flavor.  They do have excellent seating and service and the drinks were lovely.  I hope they continue to consider vegans and will perhaps increase choices and seasonings as I will continue to return for the experience!  I know my carnivore will mention this but he enjoys this venue more than Alamo due to the seats and food.  If only we could get the Alamo food I love in this venue…


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