Lupe Tortilla

This past Thursday evening, the vegan and I were recovering from an especially stressful day, and were longing for a good meal and a quality adult beverage.  Often, these situations call for Mexican food accompanied by an ice cold beer for me and a tall glass of sangria for her.  Lupe Tortilla in Cedar Park is where we chose to satisfy the Tex Mex craving on this particular day.  We have frequented Lupe Tortilla several times and, with rare exception, the food is tasty, the staff is friendly and the atmosphere is inviting.  Thursday evening was no different.


Lupe’s signature dish is beef fajitas and they really are spectacular.  I’m convinced the secret lies in the Lime Pepper Marinade because the beef is so tender, juicy and well spiced.  I highly recommend adding jalapeno sausage for a spicy kick.  While I tend to devour the fajitas with a knife and fork, in lieu of making it into a taco, the corn tortillas are the best I have ever eaten.  Top them off with ample sour cream, grilled onions and a smear of guacamole, and you will surely agree. img_1021

As our mission on this blog is to comment not only on the meal but also on the ability for vegans and carnivores to dine in harmony, I have to take a few lines to mention our waiter, Gibson.  He was great!  The look on his face was priceless when Kellie told him about her dining requirements.  While I don’t think he quite knew what to make of the vegan’s requests at first, he was patient and took great care in making sure that he captured all of her requirements.  Her order came out perfectly and there wasn’t a single vegetable left on the sizzling skillet when she was done.  So harmony was reached and we both left happy and satisfied with yet another Lupe Tortilla meal.  This carnivore rates Lupe Tortilla a solid three cow faces.

I travel nearly every week for my job so a rare weeknight in town is definitely something to celebrate!  Of course it also tends to mean I am quite tired from my day trips combined with no food in the refrigerator so who do I call?  My favorite carnivore who is only too happy to share a delicious meal.  What a guy huh?

This Thursday we ventured out to another known entity (we promise we will review brand new to us restaurants but we have to share our prior knowledge!).  Lupe Tortilla has several locations and of course, being nearby, we visited the Cedar Park location.  Often we end up sitting at the bar but since it was Thursday and not so crowded AND since the bar stools tend to be less comfy, we opted to wait for a table.  Nearly immediately upon receiving our drinks at the bar, we received the text that our table was ready!

One of my favorite and most lamented parts of Tex-Mex is the appetizing and appetite-killing chips and salsa.  Gibson, our waiter, brought them right away with a vegan-friendly salsa and a carnivore-friendly bean dip of sorts.  I proceeded to eat way too many as always.  I’m still working on self-control.


In the meantime we order.  The menu at Lupe Tortilla has a vegetarian section which is great because many of those options are easily veganized.  The best choice though has to be the vegetable fajitas.  You can ask them to nix the cheese, sour cream, etc. and the toppings are all you can eat!  So yes please to extra guacamole.  Also you get a seasonal vegetable which happened to be street corn.  Of course it is dripping with butter and cheese so instead they offered a delicious asparagus side.  The vegetables, sizzling upon arrival, included portabellos, peppers and onions.


The reason why the fajitas are the way to go and why I give Lupe a full four rutabagas lies in the amazing fresh tortillas.  Rightly named, this restaurant does not disappoint.  Fresh and warm, these tortillas are like no other (well other than making at home from scratch).  I highly recommend and what’s more my carnivore gets all that he requires which makes this dining experience truly harmonious.


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