Hopdoddy Burger Bar

A burger is no longer just ground beef.  Today we have all kinds of burgers and Hopdoddy is introducing all of them.  Normally we try to hit this place up on an off time as it typically has a very long line.  The Austin City Limits Festival, however, gave us a chance on a Saturday night.  Yes that’s right, we went to the Anderson Lane location versus the other locations on South Congress and the newest in the Triangle.  There is also one in Round Rock.img_5934So we waited in the much condensed line and while we normally slip in and snag bar seats, this time we were unsuccessful in that venture.  No matter though.  We still got a drink in line and got to the counter in a short 15-20 minutes.  I ordered the La Bandita which is a black bean and veggie burger.  Normally I can just say vegan style and they take care of me.  Last night the fellow at the counter wanted to be certain he understood which I appreciated and we laid out the plan – no cheese, no pesto and no mayo.  He double checked the bun to confirm that no eggs were harmed in the making.  I also added mushrooms and no onions because I ask that consideration of my favorite Carnivore.  Otherwise we would be in no condition to hang out further for at least 24 hours!

We also ordered the Kennebec fries as the Parmesan Truffle fries offend both of us.  I, of course, am anti-parm and the Carnivore is anti-truffle.  It works out.

img_5930After ordering you go to your designated table.  They brought out the fries first like an appetizer (upon request).  We demolished them quickly with the help of some delicious chipotle ketchup dipping sauce.  Finally our burgers arrived.  I cut it in half and held myself to the promise of only eating that much.  Don’t get me wrong – I can totally eat the whole thing but I pay for it later feeling ever so full.

I give Hopdoddy a solid 3 rutabagas.  In the words of Samuel L., it IS a tasty burger.  That said, I would love it if they came up with an all vegan option, perhaps with Field Roast Chao slices?  Also I hate waiting in that line.  Although perhaps giving them this review won’t help.  Hmm….

If you could only have one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?  For this beef loving carnivore, the answer is easily CHEESEBURGERS!!!  I have for years been on a quest to find the best burger in Austin.  There are several quality options, and HOPDODDY is definitely on my short list.  I will admit that at first I considered HopDoddy to be a bit too “gourmet” for my liking. But, after a bit of trial and error, I have found the perfect combination in the form of a classic cheeseburger with apple-smoked bacon and a fried egg, topped off with a smear of chipotle ketchup and a dollop of yellow mustard.    MMM MMMM GOOD!  Chase it down with a frosty mug of Thirsty Goat brew and you have a meal that rivals most burgers in greater Austin.

I prefer a good steak mid rare but I like my burgers a bit more done.  On a recent visit Jack the bartender recommended trying the burger Doddy Style.  It’s a mix between medium and mid-well; not bloody but not so well done that the juices disappear.   It is the perfect way to enjoy a Hopdoddy classic, so I can’t recommend it enough.

While any carnivore can get lost in the smells and tastes of Hopdoddy, I can’t give enough praise about the concessions made for my vegan cohort.  Seriously, she is so enamored with the vegan options offered that she often frequents Hopdoddy without me!  I won’t lie, I kind of have an issue with that.  I mean really, I’m not visiting places that serve tofu and kale niblets without her in tow.  Still, I am very appreciative of the concessions made and kindness exhibited by the Hopdoddy staff.  They genuinely care about everyone having an enjoyable experience, even if that means taking a bit more time discussing prep process and ingredients.  Hopdoddy gets four cow faces for this scrumptious meal.  I’m gonna add queso on my next burger!


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