Santa Catarina

Who knew there was such delicious food in Cedar Park? And vegan-friendly? Tex-Mex is one of my favorite types of food but is often dangerous as it has hidden ingredients such as lard and dairy. Santa Catarina is very gracious though and outlines a “vegetarian” option for each type of meal – fajitas, enchiladas, tacos, etc.  (This is their dinner menu) My favorite food since living in Texas is tacos so I had to go with that!                                                                               img_5871There were two options – mushroom or guacamole tacos. I wanted to try both so I asked if I could have one of each.  Our waitress was very sweet and allowed it.  She was great the entire time, keeping our chips and salsa full as well as our waters.  She also wrote everything down which makes me feel better including the fact that I said no dairy – cheese, sour cream, etc.

I was delighted with this meal and ate way too much.  One thing that is common with vegetarian “options” is that the chef under seasons the food.  Vegetables don’t come with much natural seasoning so they need a little extra.  These vegetables were delicious!  Also the waitress tried to take the blame for my being too full!  I give this restaurant four rutabagas based on taste, service and surprise!  I look forward to returning soon.

It was a dark and stormy night.  The fog covered the city like a damp blanket and caused shadows to creep eerily from the dimly lit street lamps that dotted the cityscape.  Ok!  None of that is true but I’ve always been a fan of purple prose.  This past Sunday evening found Kellie and I hankerin for Mexican food but not too excited about leaving the burbs for a plethora of choices.    We ended up at Santa Catarina in Cedar Park.  I have eaten there before but only solo, as I didn’t think there were options for the Vegan.  Boy was I wrong.  She loved it.

I had the Tacos De Carne (chicken) and thoroughly enjoyed my meal.   I have tried the pork and beef previously but recommend the chicken.  It is packed with flavor and is enough food that you won’t leave hungry but not enough that you are miserable afterward.  Of course, if you fill up on chips and salsa before the meal, that is your own fault.

While the food is tasty, the very best part of the meal was the attentive service and kind consideration that our waitress provided.  Her name was Evelia, and could not have been better.  She knocked it out of the park with regard to being helpful and understanding of the Vegan’s needs and dietary restrictions.  The professional and hospitable service, coupled with a quality Mexican meal rates 3 cow faces from this happy carnivore.  I will be back with and without the Vegan in tow.   Knowing that this hidden gem is merely a couple miles away from my front door is a definite plus!


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