Lick Honest Ice Creams

img_5866Let’s face it, few things go better on a hot Texas day than ice cream.  In fact, it’s ALWAYS a good time for ice cream.  Of course, when there is a vegan in your midst, you can’t just walk into Dairy Queen and enjoy a wholesome cone of the glorious goodness that is heavy cream, sugar and milk fat.  That would be rude and dismissive of their delicate sensibilities!  Truthfully, I’ve done that too but for the sake of this post, we set out to find a quality exception to the milky goodness that is ice cream as we know it.  The exceptional exception is LICK.

Lick is an artisan ice cream shop that prides itself on using only pure, wholesome ingredients in their ice cream.  The quality ingredients are evident in the taste and texture of the tasty treats that are spooned out into cups and cones, and devoured by tongues and spoons alike.  For this 31 flavor lovin carnivore, the Caramel Salt Lick is the way to go!   I have sampled many flavors at Lick – to include some of the swanky Vegan selections – but I always come back to the Caramel Salt Lick.  It is truly my favorite and the one I whole heartedly recommend.   The only negative that I can post is that the itty bitty scoops could be larger.  I know, I know, Anthony and Chad ( co founders) would simply suggest increasing the number of scoops from the respectable two,  to three or four.  But in order to really satisfy my cravings, it would take a half gallon or more.  And if I did that, the Vegan would just be embarrassed.

The experience at Lick is a quality one due to excellent ice cream, quality carnivorous and veganesque options and helpful staff.  So helpful in fact that they seem willing to hand out as many samples as you are wanting to try.  Lick scores a solid three cow faces from this dairy lovin’ Carnivore.  And I cannot wait to return.  Hmmm,  I bet I could get a gallon to go. . . .

Full disclosure – I am not a huge ice cream fan like my partner in crime over there.  I like it okay but am more of a cookie girl.  That said, he is correct in that the best time and place for ice cream is on a hot Texas day.  And this place just happens to rock.
I love the fact that they always have vegan options clearly marked.
Of course I would also love for them to have more options but in the meantime, as the small cup includes two scoops, I always choose one of each.
The Chocolate Coconut & Peanut Butter is the regular flavor and never disappoints.  It’s like a cold and creamy peanut butter cup. The other available flavor this round was Peaches & Coconut Cream.  It was lovely and sweet; however not much peach flavor.  Luckily I didn’t mind.
I give Lick three rutabagas out of five.  If they had more options for me I would probably up that to four. It does make me happy to have somewhere fun to go with my ice cream fanatic carnivore.  Plus they give us a punch card to earn free ice cream!


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